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      NO ORDERS SHIPPING Friday 30th June - 17th July

      There will be no orders shipping on Friday 30th June - 17th July although I do love doing distro it doesn't mean I like my normal 9-5 job as I am away so cannot physical send out order apologies for any inconvenience.
      This is a one person operation done in spare time out side a 9-5 job and family of 4 kids so please be patient. Anyone who orders regularly will be aware of how fast orders are dispatched. 

      If you cannot wait that long BRRR BRRR BRRR Records & Tapes summer fair in Sligo / Manorhamilton on July 1st & 2nd is taking place and Taf who is running it will have a big box of records you can browse from our distro and others. ALso there will be Live DJs, bargain deals, good times! Support it if you are in the area!!

      Saturday 1st July
      Furey’s Pub Furey's PubSligo
      2pm-7pm++ (Tunes & Pints)

      Sunday 2nd July
      Fulacht Fiadh CaféManorhamilton
      10am-2pm (Brunch & Tunes)

      Music from:

      PLUGD RECORDS plugd
      Penske Recordings
      Little Gem Records
      & MANY MORE…

      BAR TAPE SHIRT up for Pre-Orders

      BAR TAPE SHIRT up for  Pre-Orders

      Bar Tape are bringing their punk energy and humour to a  shirt with their S/T LP Cover on front of shirt and their label EpiFat Records on the back of the shirt. We are doing pre-orders for the shirts on Distrotable. This is a pre-order and will not ship till the 17th of July

      They are printed on white shirts with black print artwork printed on ethically sourced 100% organic cotton black shirt supplied by No Sweat printed by Distrotable.

      Pre-Order yours now and get yourself a copy of their S/T 12" also. 




      New Arrivals: Rancid, Operation Ivy, Fugazi

      New Arrivals: Rancid, Operation Ivy, Fugazi

      Love them or hate them we got in the new Rancid LP “Tomorrow Never Comes” is now in the distro and selling fast, if you don’t like the new stuff what about Tim and Matt’s really old stuff Operation Ivy reissues are now in distro shouldn’t have to say much about Op Ivy we got both Hectic EP on 12” and Energy 12”, unfortunately Bad Religion No Control & Against The Grain sold out and so did those Punk Rock Losers Viagra Boys if you want us to get any back in let us know and we will try and get you a copy, Pennywise - Unknown Road reissue is also in stock US Skate punks if you know you know. Also in some Dischord releases a repress of Fugazi - First Demo LP, Scream - Fumble LP featuring Dave Grohl, VOID "SESSIONS 1981-83" LP back in stock also Marching in Abrasive Wheels  combining elements of 77 Punk / Street Punk and Oi! 

      New Arrivals: Antimaster, Belgrado, Rata Negra

      New Arrivals: Antimaster, Belgrado, Rata Negra

      NEW ARRIVALS THIS WEEK Bunch of releases in from La Vida Es Un Mus here and also an imported 2x12" from Mexico. We got in copies of Antimaster discography 2x12" the legendary Mexican crust punks this features their S/T LP, their side of the split CD with Give Up All Hope and split 12" with Disnight Bastards. we are the only place in Europe who have it currently. 
      I got in some La Vida Es Un Mus release I am not going to write about the music cause it is all great, but thought I would write about why the records might be of interest. Ohyda recently played a couple of show in Ireland so we got their latest LP Irreal will play Ireland next month so we got their latest LP Rat Cage new LP out next month also available for pre-order on webshop so we got their last LP ,Taqbir is a 7" you should have already but if you don't shame on you get it now, Home Front is my favourite LP this year and didnt get enough copies the first time shame on me get it, new Rata Negra new 7" and new Belgrado LP check them out also got in RP Death Churchis sold out already. 

      News/New Arrivals: Hiatus, Hellshock and new pre-orders

      News/New Arrivals: Hiatus, Hellshock and new pre-orders

      We have had a lot of Oi! of recent but here is aload of crusty hardcore that we had been lacking a bit of recent on also check out Flower - Hardly A Dream LP if you aint already. Have added pre-orders for new Rancid LP, new Rat Cage LP,  Antimaster Discography 2xLP and arriving in the next couple of days Rata Negra 7” and new Belgrado LP and restock of Home Front - Games Of Power all of which you can order as well.
      Have also started to catalog the distro by scene by scene/country as many people ask have i got anymore Oi! from Paris or Crust from Portland. So slowly adding to the list and early day yet but you can check out Scene By Scene here

      I am also hoping to a do a distrotable at Grit gig in Galway this Saturday 20th May


      HIATUS - OUT OF HAND LP 12 new tracks plus 1 re-recorded as Belgium legendary crust punks return with their first new recordings since 1996 release of "S/T ( The Brain)" MLP which I hear is to be reissued also got a restock of the recently reissued FROM RESIGNATION... LP. Hellshock recently toured Europe which seen the repress of "THEY WAIT FOR YOU STILL", "SHADOWS OF THE AFTERWORLD" & "ONLY THE DEAD KNOW THE END OF WAR" LPs those unfamiliar this Portlands finest stenchcore/crust we also have copies of their latest "S/T" offering. Also back in lots more crust punk with EXTINCTION OF MANKIND - BAPTISED IN SHIT, APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT - WE DON'T NEED THEM, HELLKRUSHER - HUMAN MISERY and OI POLLOI - SAORSA. Also got restock of my favourite Disfear LP 'Live The Storm"