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    Reduced Postage Within Ireland

    Reduced Postage Within Ireland

    For the first time in a long time I can say I can substantially reduce shipping rates in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

    Postage for ordering 1x 12″ record will be the same as if you order 20x 12″ with the cost being €6.60 (usually €9.00) and Free postage on orders over €100 for Ireland and Northern Ireland* through the webstore

    *North Ireland: Please put your country as Ireland as N.I. is not an option at check out and send a note if you put UK you will be charge UK rates.

    I know it still is not cheap but €6.60 which usually €9.00 is alot better. Year on year postage rates have been going up and up, it is an awful kick in the teeth when you try to run a distro on a shoestring in the West of Ireland which means I rely heavily on post and most customers have to pay postage to get items. But due to the pandemic and more businesses offering online shopping An Post has a special offer to allow buying shipping labels at a reduced rate till September.

    I have always tried to keep postage rates as low as possible despite rising shipping costs and have for the last couple of years tried to not implement postal rises having not raise the postage rate above 500g(1×12″ and something else) since 2017.

    So going to try and buy as many postal labels as possible before the offer ends to keep the postage rate as low as possible after this offer ends. After which I will try and review postage costs and see if I can still make a similar offer on postage.

    I am really happy about this and wish I could extend this to outside of Ireland but UK people I do offer free shipping over €100
    The distro is expanding with a lot of new arrivals and I will be taking on a broader range of releases over the next while and more coming in the next few weeks. Thanks for your continued support and I am surprised you kept reading my rambling this far.
    I have also set up a group on Facebook where I post what is arriving and give early access to distro arrivals before they are made widely available across the webstore Facebook Group

    COVID-19 Ordering & Shipping

    ***Updated 11th June 2020***
    Anyone thinking of ordering, I am only shipping out once a week, my 9-5 job has me still working I guess I am 'essential' and with work I have to go to the post office and couriers.
    I will ship any outstanding orders on a Tuesday and Friday after 12:00
    Anyone else will have to wait till next week. Please only send in order if you can afford to as things will get rough before they get better and records will be still here after all this.
    I cannot guarantee deliveries outside Ireland and this situation is constantly evolving so things change by the day.
    We have stopped shipping to anywhere outside of Europe some European countries are also unavailable to ship to thing change by the day. You can check Irish Postal Service: An Post to see what is the current situation for your country go to this link:
    Click the following to see a list of what service is available to your country: What international destinations are An Post dispatching mail to?
    Stay Safe and Keep Your Heads Up.
    Alex Distro-y
    Country 1x LP 2-6 LPs 6-10 LPs  Orders €100+
    Ireland (32 Co.) €6.60 €6.60 €6.60 FREE
    UK* €7.00 €12.00 €18.00 FREE
    Europe €8.00 €13.00 €30.00  - 
    *Northern Ireland customer please use Ireland as your country for address.

    Current countries we can ship to:
    Austria No restrictions
    Belgium Internal delays
    Bulgaria Internal delays
    Canada No restrictions
    Denmark No restrictions
    Finland No restrictions
    France Internal delays on all mail. The French Post Office have limited the size of items to the following dimensions; 32cm x 24cm x 24cm. Social Distancing is in effect and thus they cannot guarantee the delivery of larger items until these measures have been lifted.
    Germany No restrictions
    Greece No restrictions
    Hungary No restrictions
    Iceland No restrictions
    Israel No restrictions
    Italy Max item weight 25kgs, max length 120cm, max of all three dimensions 150cm
    Latvia No restrictions
    Lithuania Internal delays
    Luxembourg Internal delays
    Netherlands No restrictions
    Norway No restrictions
    Poland No restrictions
    Portugal Delays to Madeira and Azores
    Romania No restrictions
    Slovakia No restrictions
    Spain Internal delays
    Switzerland Internal delays
    United Kingdom No restrictions
    USA No parcels service.
    Letters, large envelopes and packets only

    CRUTCHES English Tour Starts Today!!!

    CRUTCHES English Tour Starts Today!!!

    Crutches start a 4 day tour of England with dates in Hitchin, London, Manchester and Bristol. The tour will see them play at Manchester Pumpkin festival.
    The tour coincide with their new split 12" vinyl with Kontrasosial which is available now on two different colour order record here: CRUTCHES/KONTRASOSIAL - Chaos Riders Freedom Fighters split LP 

    England Dates:

    4th April - Hitchin
    5th April- London
    6th April - Manchester Pumpkin festival
    7th April- Bristol


    new release from the kings of mangel CRUTCHES on their first split release a 12" vinyl with Kontrasosial from Indonesia. The release CHAOSRIDERS FREEDOM FIGHTERS will come out first on cassette as both bands tour Indonesia together this January, 

    Housed in artwork by the ever amazing Stiv. It will feature 7 tracks off Crutches side and 7 tracks from Kontrasosial and will be available through a wide number of labels Distro-y Records, Breed to Extinction, Disaster Records, Mundo En Kaos, Not Enough, Phobia, Profane Existence, Rawmantic Disaster and Up The Punx.


    Clearance Sale & Future Of Distro

    So I have been running a clearance sale the last week or so some of you may have noticed and some have taken advantage of it at 25% I suggest everyone does. So why am I doing this a few reasons is to try and clear some titles in the distro, pay off debts which I have racked up a few of running a distro remotely in the west of Ireland is not easy and mostly costs me money to do so but would like to clear these debts and also want to try some new stuff in terms of record distribution. 

    For today only 22/March/2019 it is 30% OFF with code CLEARANCE
    (SALE does not include New Arrivals/Pre-Orders)

    Things have changed a lot in the world of distros even in the last few years when I started originally barely anyone except the biggest distros had online stores, it was online blog lists, now everybody has them and even multiple online stores with again some bigger labels have European and North American distros. 

    Ok so here is the idea and I think I have figured out how to work it, just need to do some testing but I am sure I can make this work.  
    Lets say two different people come to the webshop one from Germany one from Ireland (where Distro-y is based) and they both want to order a record from the distro lets say the new Tragedy - Fury 12" record shipping to Ireland is €6.20 and shipping to Germany is €8.00 which is on average 2/3 the price, the price of postage sucks. But the person ordering from Ireland gets the best price postage due to location, even though the price sucks. 

    But what if you both people come to the online distro and you go to order the same 12" again but this time the person in Ireland pays Irish postage and the person Germany pays postage in Germany. But how do we do this the idea is to team up with

    How do we do it a collectively run online distro/store made up of  2-3 distros in Europe or other parts of the world that will link your order with the nearest located distro so in the example I mentioned above Distro-y would fulfill the Irish order and a partner label in Germany would fulfill the Germany  order and cut down the shipping costs, damage to packages due to less distance traveled and shipping times. The idea comes from when myself selling on Discogs as well as on my online store so times stock levels don't match and I over sell in this case I have ordered off other distros who can fulfill the order for me. Customer gets the record, other label gets order and I have a happy customer who orders again. 

    That is the general idea and I will release further details as I progress, I have NOT yet asked any other distros to team up on this project but for anyone interested get in touch with me and we discuss finer details. I have the idea working in terms of an online shop just needs some further testing.