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      New In: Phane, Disfear, Excrement Of War, Svaveldioxid

      New In: Phane, Disfear, Excrement Of War, Svaveldioxid

      New Arrivals so have got in 4 different LPs of the legendary D-Beaters Disfear Soul Scars, Misanthropic Generation, Live The Storm, A Brutal Sight Of War all available also in Phane - S/T 12" Debut album! Charged hardcore punk from Vancouver. Raw and fast metal-punk for fans of Broken Bones or English Dogs. DISSEKERAD - MÖRKRET TILLTAR from swedish monsters! Ten songs of pure raw punk / d-takt with members from mighty Totalitär, Krigshot, Makabert Fynd, Kakafoni, Napalm AD, Krig I Hudik, Avskum etc. SVAVELDIOXID - ÄNDLÖS MARDRÖM Debut album from these swedish d-takt monsters also got more copies of their split 7" with Canadian crashers Skeleton.
      We got the copies of Orphanage Named Earth - Saudade 12" from Poland post metal punks FFO Fall of Efrafa, Madame German.