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      New In: Warchild, Languid, Martyrdod

      New In: Warchild, Languid, Martyrdod

      This time we got in new releases from the premier D-Beat label D-Takt & Rapunk Records from Sweden. From Umeå, Sweden Warchild are back with a new LP and we also got their debut back in stock Straight-up Discharge imagery and a sound like an enormous door slamming in the depths of hell. Sounds less Discharge and more Swedish kang/Råpunk, like Totalitär or Japanese bands like Framtid. Fast as fuck, raw as fuck.  Languid - A Paranoid Wretch In Society's Games 12" a bass-heavy record that fused Celtic Frost’s lumbering low end with Cimex-style riffs and songwriting. Anti-Metafor - KOMMUNIKÉ LP First 12-inch record from Anti-Metafor with members from Honnör SS, Anger Burning, and Svaveldioxid. Swedish kängpunk. Nukke - No More Peace LP Raw, bleak and fast metalpunk hardcore from Portugal."Anti-Cimex/Broken Bones meets Wretched/Mellakka". Totalt Jävla Mörker - Det Ofrivilliga Lidandets Maskineri LP and Söndra & Härska LP repress of the groundbreaking album with Totalt Jävla Mörker industrial Crust-Punk. MARTYRDOD - List & Elddop LPs are back in stock one of the best in the business crust/d-beat undeniably influenced by acts like Anticimex, Bathory, and Totalitar