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      New In: Bad Religion, Angel Dust, Quicksand

      New In: Bad Religion, Angel Dust, Quicksand

      BAD RELIGION "AGAINST THE GRAIN", "RECIPE FOR HATE", "STRANGER THAN FICTION", "HOW COULD HELL BE ANY WORSE?" LPs all now available in the distro I think we all know who Bad Religion are so not much to say except we still copies of some of their other releases also.
      GORILLA BISCUITS - START TODAY 12" one of the most influential records in hardcore. if you haven't got it pick it up we have copies now on yellow vinyl.
      QUICKSAND "S/T" 7" Brilliant debut EP from the New York post-hardcore band featuring Walter of Gorilla Biscuits.
      YOUTH OF TODAY S/T 7" This record has all the energy YOT is known for with a glimpse into the ideas that led Ray to move on to form Shelter. 
      HIGHER POWER "27 MILES UNDERWATER" A gateway record into hardcore & 90's rock think Turnstile with Deftones, Soundgarden.
      ANGEL DUST "YAK: A COLLECTION OF TRUCK SONGS" 12" Angel Dust, the constantly morphing indie-pop group featuring members of Turnstile and Trapped Under Ice, is back with their fourth full-length of punk-influenced power-pop tunes