Use Distrotable On Your Phone

Over the last few years more and more of you have been ordering from your phone off with now over 50% of all order coming off phones so here is more ways you can use on your phone to get your fix of hardcore.
We currently use Shopify to host Distrotable for a long time, I tried to DIY build the webstore but with mobile phones and more complex code my basic coding could not keep up to supply best webstore experience so switched to Shopify to improve your experience.

The Shop app helps you track your orders giving you notifications of the delivery status of your order and details from Distrotable and anywhere else you may have ordered online and you also browse through when you follow us within the app, you can also follow other Shopify based stores.   
Download Shop App
I, myself use the Shop app to track in coming deliveries of records, the Shop app automatically syncs with your e-mail so you don't have to copy and paste delivery info. For those of you who care about privacy you can also use the Shop app without auto-tracking. 

Ok so you don't want to download the app here is a small work around that will give you quick access to the Distrotable site on your phone. Chrome is the most used web browser so will show on Chrome browser if anyone wants to know how to do it on a different browser let me know and I will tell you.


Step by step guide:

  • Go to the site on your phone
  • Hit the three dots in the top 
  • Click Add to Home Screen 
  • Then drag and drop to your main menu so you will have quick access when you open your phone.

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