Unsanitary Napkin/Jalang Split Out Soon

Unsanitary Napkin/Jalang Split Out Soon

Both bands rage with disgust at world that can sit by as genocide takes place, as women and marginalised people suffer under the boot of a bullshit system. Delivered with a friendly warmness that embraces the listener and allies like the humidity in a sweaty house show. The world is full of horrors but DIY punk can slow a descent in total despair.


Jalang destroy 7 news songs, including a cover of their split-mates Unsanitary Napkin from Aoeteroa. Screamed lyrics in Indonesian and English (Alda/Vocals is from Indonesia), hard hitting d-beat drums, heavy and vicious axe attack thats tempered with a catchiness that will groove your bones, and bass to hold it together.

Unsanitary Napkin are a bit more wild in the adhering to strict d-deat genre conventions, they make me think of a lot of great 90's bands who flaunted punk conventions and just went musically rogue. I love it. They return the favour by slipping in a Jalang cover on their side.

Out on Bad Habit Records in Australia & Ruin Nation in Europe

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