New In: Gatecreeper, Torso,  Minor Threat

New In: Gatecreeper, Torso, Minor Threat

Gatecreeper like you’ve never heard them before. Exploring both ends of the tempo spectrum one side 7 short sharp shocks and on the opposite an 11 minute track from one of best death metal bands around. TORSO "HOME WRECKED" recorded at the same time as their last 7" "Build And Break" D-beating, dirty, hardcore-punk style. REGIONAL JUSTICE CENTER - CRIME AND PUNISHMENT RJC have quickly proven themselves to be one of modern hardcore’s most viscerally compelling bands. INCENDIARY - THOUSAND MILE STARE 12" the third full length from New York’s own Incendiary. Featuring 10 track of unapologetic metallic hardcore, recently repressed. LIFE FORCE "HOPE AND DEFIANCE" 12" straight-edge hardcore band out of Texas/Oklahoma in hte spirit of classic youth-crew inspiration, albeit with a darker modern twist, MINOR THREAT OUT OF STEP 12"EP & MINOR THREAT - FIRST DEMO 7" Minor Threat is considered one of the most influential American hardcore punk bands of the early 80s. GORILLA BISCUITS - S/T 7" Their first classic record. One of the most influential bands from the New York straight edge hardcore scene. SUICIDAL TENDENCIES "STILL CYCO PUNK AFTER ALL THESE YEARS" Cyco punk lives on. This will be a full-on cyco-punk record taken to a whole new level with the legendary drummer Dave Lombardo (of Slayer fame) brutally beating the songs and sound that is made to get your slam on. GOD'S HATE - MASS MURDER 12" with  a modern approach to a classic metallic hardcore sound recalls genre favorites Hatebreed and Merauder, while injecting elements only a contemporary band could provide.

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