Karate Klub Dublin Punk Comp LP

Karate Klub Dublin Punk Comp LP

It is with great honour that we get to help in the release of a benefit LP of the Karate Klub. In the heart of the city of Dublin across an alley from Bohemians FC (which is also a venue for many punk gigs) there is an unassuming a metal door which is the Karate Klub home/practice space to many of Dublin's punk & hardcore bands like Rats Blood, Disguise, Surge, Grit, Sissy, Strong Boys.....and the list goes on.  Some of you may have caught the spread in MRR issue 418 (Mar 2018) all about the Karate Klub you can read it here please also pick up a copy of MRR here, which will inform you so much more than I ever could also anyone looking to check out some of the bands from the Karate Klub check out Equalizing Distort podcast from 11th March here.

As it is a Comp LP which will give a lot of cool bands a chance to get on to some wax it is also a benefit LP to keep spaces like the Karate Klub up and running and Distro-y will donate all proceeds raised from the record to the Karate Klub so make sure you pick up a copy!!

I will bring you band listing and more details on the vinyl details soon but for now get excited as this LP should be out later this year. While you read the article from MRR I guess an appropriate song to listen to is Rats Blood - Dublins Got HC


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