Crutches ‘Såld' Repress and New Recording

Crutches ‘Såld' Repress and New Recording

Swedish mangel maestros CRUTCHES are back with the second pressing of their third LP ‘Såld' which comes on a transparent green with a yellow splatter.

CRUTCHES having welded together a third LP of raw hardcore d-beat punk entitled ‘Såld’ was released earlier in 2017. Having in taken a short break in between jet setting between DIY venues throughout the world. CRUTCHES have laid out 11 new tracks of raw unrelenting swedish d-takt which follows the aftermath of the 2015 LP ‘FörlOrAD’. Såld sees CRUTCHES bolster up their line up with Eddie on guitar who joined the ranks in the wake of the last release. The enforced CRUTCHES run amok amidst a thunderous barrage of drums and wild guitars kicked into overdrive to create maximum noise. With socio-political lyrics snapping at what is perceived normality and forever mangeling towards freedom.


We have all three Crutches currently have all three versions of 'Såld' in stock black, white splatter and green splatter. We also have all three Crutches 12"s  'Såld', 'FörlOrAD' and 'Luard' in stock.

Såld' was released on all the following labels hit up your local store, label or distro to try and get a copy Breeding For Extinction, Distro-y Records, Mundo En Kaos Records, Not Enough, Rawmantic Disasters, Phobia Records and Profane Existence. 

Crutches are currently in the process of recording their first split release  with Kontrasosial. More mangel to be expected in 2019!!!!



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