Crutches / Kontrasosial Chaos Riders / Freedom Fighters tour

Crutches / Kontrasosial Chaos Riders / Freedom Fighters tour

Crutches are heading over to Bali and Java to tour in January together with Kontrasosial on their Chaos Riders / Freedom Fighters tour. The two bands are on tour as part of their new split 12" that we announced last week. Check out the tour dates which start tomorrow and if you are near by try and make it to some of the gigs!!

17 jan 2019 Bali
19 jan 2019 kediri
20 jan 2019 jogja
22 jan 2019 Libertad fest
26 jan 2019 punkisnotcrime jakarta

The release CHAOSRIDERS FREEDOM FIGHTERS will come out first on cassette as both bands tour Indonesia together this January, expect the vinyl later this spring as it is just about to be sent to pressing. 

Housed in artwork by the ever amazing Stiv. It will feature 7 tracks off Crutches side and 7 tracks from Kontrasosial and will be available through a wide number of labels Distro-y Records, Breed to Extinction, Disaster Records, Mundo En Kaos, Not Enough, Phobia, Profane Existence, Rawmantic Disaster and Up The Punx.

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