Passiv dödshjälp - Kollektiva Monster LP

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Passiv Dödshjälp from Gävle, formed in 2007 with the idea was to create a hardcore/punk band with no boundaries to the typical crust scene rules. As so far there has been a great mixture between crust, hardcore, punk, metal and some rock ‘n’ roll leading to an intertwining of these musical boundaries creating what is now their third full length LP entitled Kollektiva Mönster. For those of you who can’t speak Swedish Passiv Dödshjälp means Passive Euthanasia, PD have been quiet the opposite of a passive band with already new plans to record for new releases and a good size discography. For those of you who are yet unfamiliar with Passiv Dödshjälp think crushing Swedish Hardcore in the vein of Skitsystem//Disfear but with a more Hardcore Rock’n’Roll feel of the likes of Inepsy//Skitkidz breaking through on the riffs!!