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Skinheads and rockers unite! What a split!! Oil! bash through 7 boots 'n' braces anthems In their raw, early 80’s brickwall sound fusing a brute combination of sledgehammer Oi!, hooligan Pub Rock and first-wave British Street Punk into their own wretched sound. Featuring guest appearances by Johnny Peebucks of the Swingin’ Utters, Carl Fritscher of the Templars and Johnny Takeaway from Hard Skin. For fans of Menace, Sham 69, The Business, Cockney Rejects and Slaughter And The Dogs. VAN STONE deliver 7 songs of rude and nasty party rock... self-described as Palmdale’s No. 3 rock band and featuring actor and comedian Dave Sheridan on vocals (Scary Movie, Horrible Bosses, Devil's Rejects, Bubble Boy, Ghost World etc)... if you can imagine a combination of Gang Green, Sloppy Seconds, The Meatmen and The Macc Lads... all in good fun of course... perfect parody. VAN STONE are here to inject a huge dose of fun and back into rock ‘n’ roll and to remind you not to take yourself too seriously...

A1 Oil!– Top Boy
A2 Oil!– Be A Skin
A3 Oil!– The Good OL USA
A4 Oil!– Sick Of Livin
A5 Oil!– Boots
A6 Oil!– The Streets
A7 Oil!– Unify Unity
Featuring – Carl Fritscher, Johnny Peebucks
B1 Van Stone – Nobody Fucks With Van Stone
B2 Van Stone – Cocaine Fever
B3 Van Stone – Two In Da Pink
B4 Van Stone – Peanuts
B5 Van Stone – Show Us Your Titz For Freedumb
B6 Van Stone – Cocked N Loaded
B7 Van Stone – Sex Drugs & Rock N Roll

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