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FUERA DE SEKTOR – Juegos Prohibidos LP

FUERA DE SEKTOR – Juegos Prohibidos LP

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Following their four-song demo from 2022, FUERA DE SEKTOR are back with their debut LP. Sharing members with BARRERA and ALGARA, the Barcelona-based band have carved their own sound, mixing the amphetamine edge of 80’s punk with the angular post punk sensibility. The extremely isolated guitar work takes centre stage, navigating a sea of mid-tempo riffs, and backed by an extremely solid rhythm section to perfectly seal the recording. Think the pop side of LOS ILEGALES or LOS TRAIDORES, the sexuality of DESECHABLES, and the uniqueness of LA’s X.

FUERA DE SEKTOR lyrics look at the world from an existentialist angle with a dark and poetic approach to complement their music perfectly. Full of desire, lust, loss and confusion, each song unravels as a very modern anxious tale. It’s an album that stands on its own in the current DIY landscape.

Recorded at El Colmado by Vidal Soler.
Mastered by Daniel Husayn at NLBF.
Sleeve designed between the band and Joan Manel with photography by Jacobo Biarnes.

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