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CRIM - "10 Anys Per Veure Una Bona Merda" - 12"

CRIM - "10 Anys Per Veure Una Bona Merda" - 12"

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The 10years of CRIM anniversary will be celebrated with a special release.
This 12" Vinyl comes with laminated Silver Foil  Bandlogo and lettering on Jacket.
The record features songs of the last 3 records with help of international friends of the Band.
(The Movement, The Baboon Show, Violets, The Toy Dolls, Oxymoron, La Inquisición, Lion's Law...)
that sing the Songs in their very own version together with Catalans finest Export during the last decade.


1-Benvingut Enemic / Welcome my Enemy- Sucker (Oxymoron/Bad Co Project)
2-Una Cançó i una Promesa/ A Song and a Promise- Olga (The Toy Dolls)
3-Vaixells de Paper / Paper Boats- Glory & Momo (Violets)
4-Hivern Etern / Eternal Cold- Guille (Angelus Apatrida)
5-Pare Nostre que Esteu a l'Infern / Our Father You Who Art in Hell- Victor & Thomas (Lion's Law)
6-Maneres de Viure / Live my Life in Freedom- Lukas (The Movement)
7-Cavalls Morts / Dead Horses- Pablo (Deadyard)
8-Caiguda Lliure / Free Falling- Ivar, Eirik & Mags (The Good The Bad and The Zugly & Kvelertak)
9-Castells de Sorra / Castles made of Sand- Ruben (La Inquisición) & Beni (The Gundown/Serpent)
10-Blau Sang Vermell Cell / Blue Blood, Red Skies- Cecilia (The Baboon Show)

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