SALE and New Look Webshop

SALE and New Look Webshop

We have made a number of changes to the webshop to help you navigate Distro-Table better and find new records and old bands and new ones too and make things easier to find in the ever expanding the records we offer. 

We have made a SALE of 15% off the distro at check out enter the code:


The sale is so you will use the webshop and can check out the new look website and if you see anything wrong or weird like not able to see text or info let us know, Sale ends 31st May.

So Whats New:

Well the colour of course it was white previously but have went for more Black with a Yellow second colour it contrast and I like it, I hope you do too.

New Genres / Not Punk Records

So first off over the last few years we have been adding a few extra records into the distro that would not be considered 'punk' records this is for local record fairs we have helped to put on we do sell quite a bit of punk, hardcore and metal at these but people are also looking for something different at these so we have looked at broadening out the selection in the distro but also keep it separate so you aint seeing Crust Punk and Hip Hop together or if you want to search for through our metal records and not see any Oi! punk. But feel free to order both.

Different genres folk, hip hop, world music

We have set up a new section of the website that will be part of the distro-table called Not Punk Records the idea being that we try to lure people in with not punk records in the hopes we can convert them into punks while they are. So don't forget to tell your not punk friends who like records. 
The selection is still small for folk, hip-hop, world music, indie but as we sell more at markets we hope to expand it. 
Go check out Not Punk Records 

Releases from Analog Africa, Viagra Boys, Lynched(Lankum)

Search By Scene

Punk & Hardcore scenes can be influential to a sound of a city or country and can give a unique sound and influence to past, present and future bands coming from that scene. Sometimes you love a band but they may only have one record but have members who played in previous and have influenced their scene as a whole take Washington DC and Ian McKaye-MInor Threat- Fugazi- Dischord Records the influence in this scene with members in bands and the label is perfect example. So we have been building out section of the website dedicated to scenes both in countries and cities so you can find sections. 

We have only added a few scenes so far but will expand this more and more.
Search what we have from each scene here.

We have also started to add a similar section on each page for genres like punk rock, hardcore, oi, crust and so on and will branch out metal eventually as well but this all takes time when 1000's of records have to be slowly changed. 

But for now take a look around the website and use the 15% discount on orders until next week and let us know if something doesn't work or what we can do better and what scenes we should add. 

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