Poison Ruin & Shadow Knell New Records

Poison Ruin & Shadow Knell New Records


Poison Ruin Return with their highly anticipated new EP alongside Poison Ruin's frontman making his dungeon synth solo debut with Shadow Knell

POISON RUIN reach through the dark once again with the new EP, Confrere!“Confrere”- an ode to the sacred bonds of friendship; a strength which holds true through the endless twisting and straining of space and time. Confrere sees POISON RUIN elevate their sound with more atmosphere and palpable urgency.

Following the title track, Confrere continues to hurtle through songs of struggle, death, despair, injustice and revenge. In a dark age where the very foundations of humanity threaten to crumble, POISON RUIN believe that perhaps the only thing left to hang on to is the hand of a friend. 



SHADOW KNELL make their Relapse debut with their self-titled album! Featuring members of POISON RUIN, SHADOW KNELL is a mystical, mournful, and doom-laced synth fantasy that echoes from dungeons deep and forests eternal. SHADOW KNELL's warped and woozy orchestral arrangements serve as the murky soundtrack to untenable evocations, obscure dreams of grim grandeur, faded memories of the sublime.

If you are interested in either please let us know.
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