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LOS CRUDOS - Doble LP Discografía 2LP

LOS CRUDOS - Doble LP Discografía 2LP

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Finally a European version of the long overdue LOS CRUDOS Discography collection. LOS CRUDOS, formed in Chicago's Pilsen neighbourhood in the early 90's, are a Latino punk band with a strong socio-political message and an extremely militant DIY attitude. During their first incarnation, spanning the years 1991 to 1998 the band self-released their own records, printed their own merch, booked their own shows and toured relentlessly around the world. From South America to Japan including a 3 month European tour in the winter of 1996. They spoke to the freaks the outsiders and the minorities and were not afraid of confronting the white middle class punk who reigned supreme during the terrible 90's. A time which will not be remembered for their hardcore output except for a few exceptions, in which CRUDOS are surely included. Their sound, far from being a copycat of whatever flavour of the month was reigning at the time was heavy rooted in the golden years of European and Latino American ferocious hardcore punk. With bands as IMPACT, WRETCHED, OLHO SECO, TERVEET KADET or MASACRE 68 as obvious influences in a time when the simple mention of any of those bands (or any non English speaking bands really) was usually met with a laugh or a joke. They sang in Spanish, with aggression and conviction and that made their message spread out widely, reaching thousands of Spanish speaking punks both in Latino America and Spain as well as inside USA where third generation Latino kids surely were missing a voice within the punk scene. The band split up in 1998 after a really intense year of touring and reformed in 2008. The band will be undertaking their first ever Scandinavian tour in July/ Agust 2016.

This collection, originally released as a benefit for MRR magazine last year, includes all the LOS CRUDOS output plus compilation tracks as well as a couple demo tracks and an unreleased song. The European version comes in a gatefold sleeve and brings a 40 page booklet with flyers and the lyrics of all songs.


A1 Tiempos De Miseria     
A2 Me Robaron     
A3 Crudo Soy     
A4 La Madres Lloran     
A5 Eliminacion     
A6 Desde Afuera     
A7 Asesinos     
A8 Se Ve En Tu Cara     
A9 Cipayos, Traidores Y Vendidos     
A10 Sin Caras     
A11 No Estoy Convencido     
A12 Curiosidad     
A13 Por Que?     
A14 Tu Lo Ensenaste     
A15 Lucha Para Que Te Escuchen     
A16 Corrido Jodido     
B1 Escaleras     
B2 Llegan Empujando     
B3 Nada Cambia     
B4 Achicados     
B5 En Mi Opinion     
B6 No Te Debo Nada     
B7 Levantate     
B8 La Caida De Latinoamerica     
B9 Nos Quieren Como Siempre     
B10 No Me Vengan A Salvar     
B11 Dejanos En Paz     
B12 Tierra De Libertad     
B13 Victorias Y Ganancias     
B14 Unidad Prohibida     
C1 That's Right We're That Spic Band     
C2 Poco A Poco     
C3 Sueltalo     
C4 Migra Violencia     
C5 Viejos Pateticos  (Los Violadores)
C6 Del Pasado Al Presente     
C7 Esto No Trae Precio     
C8 A Los Inseguros     
C9 Tomando Los Golpes     
C10 No Existen Palomas Blancas En Mi Barrio     
C11 No Va A Haber Revolucion     
C12 Quien Es El Pendejo Mas Grande?     
C13 Que Paso Con La Paz?     
C14 Metiendo Sal En La Llaga     
C15 Vas A Regresar?     
C16 Hardcoregoismo     
C17 Naciste Con Voz     
D1 Ilegal, Y Que?     
D2 Identidad Perdida     
D3 Vendedores De Dolor     
D4 500 Años       
D5 Ahora Quien Se Queja?     
D6 Lengua Armada     
D7 Que Paso Con La Paz? (Alt. Version)     
D8 Peleamos     
D9 Escupiendo En Tu Propia Cara     
D10 Que Te Conviene     
D11 Me Lo Paso Por El Culo     
D12 Cobardes     
D13 Desde El Barrio     
D14 Sin Titulo     
D15 Somos Peligrosos     
D16 No Se Acabo     
D17 Lo Que Queremos     
D18 Que Me Importa?     
D19 Mediocre     

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