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Jobseekers - S/T 7 (White Vinyl)

Jobseekers - S/T 7 (White Vinyl)

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Jobseekers energetic hardcore based street punk is the vechile to deliver their lyrics through urgent and satrical styled vocals of the desolate future the Irish government has left its people in. On the go since August 2010 with their first album, "Jobseekers", and followed by  "Heads On Sticks" in November 2012 with two albums already under their belt Jobseekers are well rehearse for their vinyl debut.  Having been a stalwart of the Irish punk scene Jobseekers are set to do the same job throughout Europe with tours this summer. Emboding the energy of live shows is no easy task but Jobseekers have sought to make it theirs job.

Jobseekers captured their sounds of daily street anguish at Dublin's Ashtown Studios and master by Enormous Door Studios in Austin, Texas. Adorned with original artwork by Sean Fitzgerald.

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