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CROSS STITCHED EYES - Autosarcophagy 12"

CROSS STITCHED EYES - Autosarcophagy 12"

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"Autosarcophagy" was recorded, arranged and mixed between 2016 and 2017 and finally finished 2020. Featured here are 8 tracks recorded just prior their final 2017 US Tour. Cross Stitched Eyes continue to combine elements of postpunk and deathrock from the likes of early KILLING JOKE, AMEBIX and RUDIMENTARY PENI with more obscure psychedelic rock influences , odd timings and drone like compositions. Lyrically once again exploring with the darkest and twisted corners of the mind as well as personal nightmares and haunting experiences. - "Autosarcophagy" might be a slight musical departure from previous Cross Stitched Eyes recordings but you still smell the peni!

Recorded, Mixed & Produced by Tim Shapland between 2016 - 2020
Vocals Recorded 2019 by Skot Brown, Oakland, CA
Mastered at North London Bomb Mastering 2019
Artwork by Steve Descamps, Brian D' Agosta, Asbjörn Skou & some ancient friends.

Cross Stitched Eyes on this recording:
Jason Willer (Vox & Drums)
Tim Shapland (Guitars & Vox)
Stevie Daniels (Bass Guitar)


A1 . City Of Dust
A2 . Twist Of Fate
A3 . Overpass
A4 . Eating Poison
A5 . Mental Slavery
B1 . D.M.T.
B2 . The Pattern
B3 . Redemption
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