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Bar Tape / Flagpolers split cassette

Bar Tape / Flagpolers split cassette

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"FLAGPOLERS/Bar Tape and their split EP the first time around? Perhaps, but it’s still a true-enough statement nonetheless. Bandcamp is a wonderful place of discovery and split releases a staple in the Punk music diet. Bar Tape hail from Dublin, Ireland and FLAGPOLERS, Vancouver, Canada and they are both parts of this audio-dietary choice. 

Do you have a penchant for the melodic but simultaneously not-so melodic onset grit of Dillinger Four? Well then the opening of the four-cuts of FLAGPOLERS may well appeal to you. ‘Satzenbrau’ opens via gloom-ridden low-ridden dive-bar Punk rumble. The band’s gritty and eerie melody owes itself to Post-Hardcore as it juxtaposes the drunken similarly attributed-crunch. The double-fuzzed, dirtily introspective tom-riffery relents in favour of melody more favoured. ‘Northside’ is laden with vintage Pop-Punk sensibilities via the grim life-lesson maturity the band emanate and have barrels of. " (Earnutrion)

Comes with a free Bartape patch and sticker

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