New Arrivals (15/08/18)

New Arrivals (15/08/18)

We got more stuff landing into distro this week and one or two pieces I thought were out of stock.

We got more records into distro including EXTINCTION OF MANKIND latest 12" UK crust legends will also have a repress of their 7" with Apocalypse out on Distro-y at the end of this month. fellow crust legends DEVIATED INSTINCT last 12" Liberty Crawls is also in on brown vinyl. Death metal punks from Oakland ACEPHALIX 12" is well worth checking out if you aint got a chance, FFO death metal crust!!THE RESTARTS are coming back to Ireland later this year we have also finally got in copies of my favourite of their release 'System Error'. TRAGEDY - S/T 12" is probably one of the most essential hardcore records and is why I keep having to restock it that and of course Olympia, WA G.L.O.S.S., if there is anything to take from this post, is you need both records. Oi! fans are not forgotten about LIONS LAW first 12" great French Oi! features members of Rixe. We also got two releases from Hellgium's VISIONS OF WAR their recent split 7" with UK legends Hellkrusher and their last full length 12" 'King Of The Swines' which came out on Agipunk records as well as two other release from d-beat crushers KONTATTO and Italian hardcore legends WRETCHED.   Also ICTUS 2xLP discography on clear with black specks is back in stock along with DÖDSRIT from Swedens debut album from members of Totem Skin.  


KONTATTO - Fino Alla Fine LP

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