DEVIATED INSTINCT - Liberty Crawls 12"

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Furious 2012 "Come-back" Release from the Band that invented the Stench-Core Legend! - Deviated Instinct formed in 1984 and were a crucial pioneering band in the early British punk/metal scene. Along with bands like Antisect and The Amebix, Deviated Instinct’s music has influenced legions of bands and helped to define the sound we know today as “Crust” 

After 22 years pioneering crusters Deviated Instinct has returned with a mind blowing EP of EPIC proportions. 

Strong as any release which has come before, it boasts a crushing sound which was polished by Bri Doom in the production seat and mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) of Audiosiege ...geezus, can a crust album get any better than that? 

This four track monster of a disc is a veritable annihilator of punk tempos wrapped in a touch of death metal down tune and growls; before you even get to hear it, the cover art by Deviated Instinct's own guitar and pipes madman Rob "Mid" Middleton, beckons to the listener and will keep you entranced with its masterful lines and imagery. 

The 12" vinyl itself contains four magnificent tracks: "Blunt Instrument", "Architect of Misery", "Thorn In Your Flesh" and "Blandscape Slavebait", but you also receive a download card to access two bonus tracks: "End Times" which comes from the upcoming 7" split with Summon the Crows and "Judas Cancer". 
Now, as some of you folks may or may not know, Deviated Instinct has been hitting the road with Dresden and just played Chaos in Tejas, and all reports coming in say that they have been doing some serious ass kicking (though they did run into a real downer when Dresden's van was stolen during a show at "Now That's Class" in Cleveland), and no wonder, if you add these songs to the already classic track list from the releases of old, the crowds must have been going nuts!!! Each of these tunes are surely destined to become classics themselves, with an intense crunch, driving beats and defiant vocals to boil the blood! 

Yet again, Deviant Instinct proves that crust isn't the past, but is the future, with the ironically harmonious blend of metal and punk; it is the soundtrack to the underground and will be highly appreciated by anyone who dwells within its shadows...SCORE IT!! - Thrash Head