The Old Firm Casuals - Wartime rock 'n' roll

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THE OLD FIRM CASUALS are unstoppable! Ever since their formation in October of 2010 the band released one quality-packed release after another. Whether it was a single, an EP, a split or a full-length, the San Francisco casuals always stood their ground with their wartime rock ‘n’ roll! Carrying that very same title, we are proud to unleash OFC’s latest slab of rock ‘n’ roll rebellion at you in the form of the “Wartime Rock ‘n’ Roll” 12”! A special release, because for the very first time in Rebellion Records’ history the A-side will carry all the music, while the B-side will contain a beautiful etch! A unique release on its own, and in combination with OFC’s powerful new sounds an absolute must-have for the fans of real life rock ‘n’ roll rebellion!

Pressing Info: Black Vinyl Deluxe silkscreen silver printing on B side