Rude Pride - Take It As It Comes

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... and (fortunately!) it comes as expected: Rude Pride from Madrid continue the path they took on their debut album "Be True To Yourself" - and with "Take It As It Comes" they easily top one off it. Twelve highly melodic and varied songs - which were sung again completely in English - loosely and smoothly played from the hip and with the slightly hoarse vocals as unmistakable Trademark: Where Rude Pride is on it is Rude Pride in it. The dedicated and class-conscious texts are very pleasant without embarrassing platitudes, musically there are classic Oi! Punk, which is always charmingly accompanied by a keyboard. Is this the modern skinhead sound? Not only that - Rude Pride put together their very own kit, who sets the band apart from other competitors in the genre. A slight Rocksteady touch accompanies the course of course still dominant Oi! Sound, limited genre conventions are shaken by it and also by the already mentioned, slightly hoarse vocals vigorously. Perkele or Red London, however, may be used as reminiscences.


Side A 
Take It As It Comes 
Bars & Shackles 
Keep On Walking 
Broken Silence 
Too Almost 
Once Again


Side B

Our Pack

My generation

One More Pint


Many People Suffer