CRUDE SS - Who'll Survive (Compilation) LP

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Reissue of classic swedish hardcore punk! Includes their "Who'll Survive" EP among compilation and demo tracks! 


A01 . Forced Values
A02 . Sick Pleasure
A03 . Destroy Capitalism
A04 . Who´ll Survive
A05 . You Cant Deny It
A06 . Respect The Earth
A07 . Bullying A Nation
A08 . Fried
A09 . Nazi Go Home
A10 . What You Say, What You Do

B01 . No School
B02 . Blow All Town Halls
B03 . Create Your Own Life
B04 . Svensson, Svensson
B05 . Leonid Was Red
B06 . Pray The Lord My Soul To Take
B07 . Blue Eyed Devils
B08 . Chaos
B09 . Hundred Dead Cops
B10 .Forced Value (Live)

Tracks A1 to A6 from "Who´ll Survive" 7´ep, Uproar Records, 1985
Tracks A7 to B6 from "1000 dead cops" Demo, Self-released, 1982
Tracks B7 and B8 from "The Vikings Are Coming" V/A LP, Uproar Records, 1985
Track B9 Outtake from 1984
Track B10 live from 1985