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For the 100th release, we decided to throw 50 tracks onto 2 LP's that showcase the history of the first 100 releases! This is like stepping into a time machine. We tried to include everyone but, unfortunately, are missing some of the masters from the first few and some middle releases. 2 color sets are available with a total pressing of only 1000. These are housed in 400gsm gatefold jackets with heavy duty printed inner sleeves. This will not be repressed. Entire layout done by Chris Wilson.

Side A:
Make Or Break "We Won't Forget" from Split with Haunted Life (0:53)
Overdose "Some Might Say" from split with Lie & Wait (1:34)
Foundation "Never Stops Raining" from Never Stop Raining
Lie & Wait "A Fool's Prayer" from Led Astray (2:32)
Downpresser "The Labyrinth" from Age of Ignorance (1:51)
Rival Mob "I.I.B." from Demo 2007 (0:51)
Thought Crusade "Bitter Pill" from It's Our War (0:57)
Free Spirit "Selfish" (1:07)
Fire & Ice "Breathe" from Grim (2:26)
Dead End Path "Stay Up, Stay Alive" from Death Walks Beside Us (2:31)
Soul Search "Stuck" from Bury the Blame (2:32)
Stick Together "Drugs Suck" from Surviving the Times (1:35)
Disengage "The Same" from Expressions (1:01)

Side B:
Give "I Am Love" from I Am Love (2:41)
Clear "Pain Chain" from Demo 2011 (1:06)
Rude Awakening "Bound By Chains" from The Awakening (1:31)
DNA "Distraction" from s/t (1:56)
Demolition "Big Jon's Mosh" from World Gone Mad (1:38)
Our Side "Back to Reality" from Back To Reality (1:07)
MINUS "Have Not" from s/t (2:26)
Hard Stripes "Unconditional" from s/t (1:12)
Death Injection "Cut You Out" from I Hate Myself & Everyone Else (1:00)
Shrapnel "Imposter II" from Frenzied State (2:41)
Protester "Weakest Link" from No Identity (2:21)
Some Nerve "Under the Skin" from Sense of Control (1:41)
Westpoint "Feel October" from s/t (2:53)

Side C:
Wolf Whistle "Tower Stare" from The Present Disturbance (1:28)
Free At Last "Shell Shock" from Embrace You (1:40)
Civic Duty "Choke" Burden of Hate (1:04)
Lock "Unjustified" from 3 Song Promo (1:56)
Take Control "Surface" from s/t (0:36)
Glory "the Fact" from the 12" (0:51)
Fury "Thin Line" from Paramount (2:18)
Abuse of Power "Secure" from When Then Becomes Now (2:31)
FREE "Sisyphus" from Ex Tenebris (1:47)
Violence to Fade "Insult to Injury" from Unstoppable Force (1:19)
Forced Order "Blood Ritual" from One Last Prayer (1:39)
Freedom "The Alleyways" from Never Had A Choice (1:57)
Red Death "Formidable Darkness" from Formidable Darkness (2:41)

Side D:
Unified Right "So It Goes" from s/t (3:25)
Candy "Love Wants More Love" from Candy Says (1:09)
Ecostrike "Standing Hard" from Voice of Strength (1:46)
True Love "Nothing Left" from The Pact (1:13)
Three Knee Deep "Kingz Way" from Wrong World (2:55)
Criminal Instinct "Yet to Come" from AHC Volume 3 (2:06)
Bracewar "The Prophecy" from Colossal (2:46)
Warfare "Open Season" from Declaration (1:28)
Mindforce "Nightmare" from Excalibur (1:09)
Ekulu "Melt the Ice" on s/t (2:45)
One Step Closer "The Reach" on From Me To You (3:33)

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