PRE-ORDERS are done so you can make sure you can get a copy of the record by pre-ordering it ahead so we dont sell out before hand. 

We like to keep a broad base of punk in stock with that in mind it can be sometimes hard for us to estimate what records people will be looking to get with Also the fact we are a small operation of one person in their spare time, we try to run pre-orders so that we get enough copies of records in stock and dont over buy a bunch of records, with this in mind we aim to get records in to your hands as fast as possible but this also means we have to get the records in stock before we send them out. which is usually within 24 hours of receiving stock of your pre-order.

But we know how eager you want your record and wonder when we will have your record into stock with this in mind we have added an incoming order system so you can see what we are ordering and planning to order and when we expect delivery with live tracking updates from our consignments so you have up to date information on when we will get records into stock. We will also give information to say we have the records and that we are packing them.