Free Shipping in Ireland over €70 & Europe over €100

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      Holding records lots of you have previously asked me to hold records, sometimes for a year plus, which I don't have a problem with money can be tight and I get it. I am not a money lender and never come after people looking for money for records. But when I start holding lots of records for lots of people it slows down the way the distro works. So going to put a maximum hold period of two weeks on records after that please pay for record or it will be relisted. 

      With that said we offer free postage in Ireland for orders over 70 euro. If you want a record just pay for it and check out as in store collection and we will add it to your pile once your pile is over 70 euro we can send you your pile for free. Free isn't free I still have to pay that postage but look at it as a discount for buying a bunch of records. So if you are buying one record at a time you can send money through Revolut or as friend through PayPal that would be great as every transaction through the store eats into costs. 

      I know a lot of people don't want to waste money on postage, I am the exact same, paying same price postage as it costs for one record.

      *Free postage doesn't count on records in a sale.

      ** Please do not ask to hold anything on pre-order they are on pre-order as we have paid for them in advance and trying to get money back into distro asap. Pay for record as collection and we will add it to your pile.