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Confuse - Recordings 1984-1985 LP

Confuse - Recordings 1984-1985 LP

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CONFUSE was a noise punk hardcore band that started in Kyushu, Japan. They released a few records ("Indignation", "Nuclear Addicts", "Contempt For The Authority And Take Off The Lie", "Atrocious madness", and "Stupid Life") throughout the time they were around. They started off with a really raw noise Discharge type style and then evolved into a bouncier, more melodic sound. Awesomely weirdly produced noise thrash that just tears out your eardrums. Definitely insane.

Side A (Nuclear Addicts E.P.)

People Are Nuclear Poisoning
Rebel & War
Hate (Is It War?)
No Victor
The End...
Merciless Game ( outtake from 1984 recording session)

Side B (Contempt For The Authority, And Take Off The Lie)

Fuckin' Lovers
Abuse Of The State Power
Fight Against The Plutocrats
All Things Change Into The Fashion -Media-
Atrocious Madness *
Kill Time....*

*=recorded on November 1st, 1984 and previously released on the "Jisatsu Omnibus" compilation 8" EP in 1985.
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