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Blitz - The Killing Dream LP

Blitz - The Killing Dream LP

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Blitz is one of the most important oi/punk bands of all time. Just one year after their formation, dating back to 1980, the debut single was released, which also became the first recording of the newly established label No Future.

In 1982, the first album Voice of a generation was released , which not only became the real voice of an entire generation. Today we already know that this is one of the most important oi/punk albums ever. Shortly after the release of the album, guitarist Nidge left the band and the remaining members recorded a second album, stylistically far removed from the original work.

The Blitz brand then disappeared for a few years until former guitarist Nidge raised it from the ashes in 1990. Under the name Blitz, the remarkable album The Killing Dream was created this year . For the most part, Nidge's solo album, with Gary Basnett from the band Attak on vocals. The result is a very distinctive record moving on the border between punk, new wave and post-punk. It has the unmistakable spirit of the original Blitz, yet it is a progressive and unique recording that has survived the test of time in many ways.


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