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      POZOGA 7" Coming Out Early 2018

      POZOGA 7" Coming Out Early 2018

      I promised some of you a new release announcement of a new Irish hadcore band so ya next up on the pressing block is POZOGA international punk consortium via Dublin. 

      POZOGA which is Polish for ‘Conflagration’ and is what they try to do with their sound as they rip through with a driving distorted sound that will destroy everything in a big ball of flames. Their new demo which will be out in early 2018 which we will help co-release on Distro-y Records has been sent to pressing.

      Check out a couple of tracks below featuring a cover of Spanish from the eighties called RIP titled ‘No Hay Futuro’ and their own track ‘Gone to the dogs…’  

      Recorded and Mixed by Ciaran Parnell. 


      So spread the word while you wait for word of some new releases which will feature a French D-beat hardcore bands 7" and two re-issues of an Irish band 12" but more of that later for now POZOGA!!!! 

      Use POZOGA as a discount code to get 10% off at checkout.


      New in Kohti Tuhoa, 偏執症者 (Paranoid), Anti Cimex and Rapid

      Ok so we are going to start blogging about new stuff coming in and for you to check out also going to bring in an actual blog to the webshop called D-Beat Beater a punk news site I have ran on and off for years. So let get the ball rolling with something small here is a quick list of this week shipment from Svart Records with some brand new releases: