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      New In: MDC, Nofx, Wipers, Knocked Loose

      New In: MDC, Nofx, Wipers, Knocked Loose

      New Arrivals: MDC "MULTI DEATH CHICKEN STAINS 12"  Finally, after all these years, all the songs from their legendary, early-'80s 7"s ("Multi-Death Corporations," "Millions Of Dead Children," and The Stains "John Wayne Was A Nazi") are assembled on one 12". KNOCKED LOOSE "A TEAR IN THE FABRIC OF LIFE" Citing death metal and Phil Spector as influences, the Kentucky metalcore band turn in an absurdly heavy EP.  RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE "PEOPLE OF THE SUN" 10" I had no idea Revelation released Rage Against The Machine until they reissued the People of The Sun 10" on clear vinyl this month so I got some copies. Also on Revelation Turning Point - S/T 7" reissue of New Jerseys, Turning Point who was the state's answer to the hardcore movement of New York and Connecticut of the late-'80s. PRAISE "ALL IN A DREAM" LP restocked from Rev featuring members of Turnstile, Have Heart, Mindset, Angel Dust, and many others. We got in a bunch of NOFX The Delince, Frisbee & 22 SONGS THAT WEREN'T... I think we all know Nofx other titles still in distro. Finally was able to get enough copies of Poison Idea Pick Your King in to list on the website the last 3 times they last a couple of hours. Wipers - Youth Of America This second full-length from the Wipers finds them stretching their punk sound to the extreme. Dark and hypnotic, experimental rock at its finest. COMEBACK KID "TURN IT AROUND" Fast and energetic hardcore fury that took the scene by storm. Originally released in 2003, this band quickly become a favorite in the hardcore scene. From Dischord Rites Of Spring -S/T 12" full-length, originally released in 1985. We also got in some Youth Of Today shirts.