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      New In: The Offspring, GBH, Descendents

      New In: The Offspring, GBH, Descendents

      NEW IN 
      THE OFFSPRING - SMASH LP Offspring's breakthrough album, with tracks like  "Gotta Get Away," "Come Out and Play," and "Self Esteem." DESCENDENTS - 9TH & WALNUT LP Original Milo Goes To College releases their 'Lost Album' with 14 unreleased songs from 1977-1980 ICONS OF FILTH - ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS LP classic from 1984, a fiery slice of fierce punk/hardcore with lyrics dealing with a need for individual responsibility, action and positive change. GBH MOMENTUM LP the most recent offering from the UK legends.  PROPAGANDHI - VICTORY LAP 12" band's first full-length since 2012's Failed States, finds the band facing a landscape in which fascism is among a certain crowd suddenly trendy.  MINOR THREAT - SALAD DAYS 7" don't need to say much about this do I? NOFX - SINGLE ALBUM NOFX’s 14th full-length studio album, complete with a six-minute post-hardcore opener. CHELSEA WOLFE - ABYSS 2XLP Abyss captures this dichotomy, this battle between the soothing and the upsetting, and demonstrates why Chelsea Wolfe has become one of the most intriguing songwriters of the decade. ALKALINE TRIO - IS THIS THING CURSED LP 9th studio album, those familiar Alkaline Trio might notice parallels with Maybe I’ll Catch Fire which is a positive thing in my opinion.FUGAZI - REPEATER LP  debut studio album by the American post-hardcore featuring some lad named Ian McKaye maybe you have heard of him? GOOD RIDDANCE - THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS genre-defining melodic-hardcore geniuses in Good Riddance aren’t shy about reminding you that, frankly, they’ve still got it with 12 ripping tracks. GERMS - G.I. 12" unofficial fanclub release of a classic. VANILLA MUFFINS - THE DRUG IS FOOTBALL LP Another reissue from Switzerland's favorite band and the undisputed kings of "sugar" oi. FFO Macc Lads, Cock Sparrer, and Oxymoron. THE INTERRUPTERS - FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT 12" finds The Interrupters delivering their two-tone-inspired, powerfully melodic, punk-fueled sound with more vitality than ever before. Very catchy. RANCID - ...AND OUT COME THE WOLVES 12" digitally remastered from original analog tapes and on 180 gram vinyl, as well as a poster with lyrics on one side and the album cover on the other.