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      Now On The Table: Kronstadt, Youth Avoiders, Bleakness

      Now On The Table: Kronstadt, Youth Avoiders, Bleakness

      NEW IN 
      KRONSTADT - Quai De L'ouest LP
       & KRONSTADT - S/T LP Lille punks are back with another dose of 12 tracks of catchiness on Quai De L'ouest. Also in their 'S/T' LP KRONSTADT offers some great punk-rock, heady and melancholic but also straightforward and catchy. A bunch of French punk bands from the 80's may come to mind while listening to this as well as more recent stuff.
      ZONE INFINITE - DÉGÂTS 7" French punk very distinctive sense of both melancholy and warmth. This is pretty much sold out from label and I think I have one copy left. 
      BLEAKNESS - A WORLD TO REBUILD 12" living up to their name Bleakness hymns in a raging post-punk or almost cold wave and terribly dancing way. FFO The Estranged, Spectres
      UNDER 45 - Cancelled 12" featuring members of Bleakness,   Some might describe it as post-punk or try to assign to it a wide range of influences from different time periods, styles or scenes think: The Fall, Public Image Limited...
      Youth Avoiders - Relentless LP the second LP from French punks whose title is an apt name for their sound Relentless of catchy riffing, rich melodies, inexhaustible drumming, sharp vocals.
      DELETÄR - S/T LP pummeling d-beat hardcore in the likes of TOTALITÄR, SKITKIDS, HERÄTYS. I have heard rumours of a new record from DELETAR here is hoping!!
      BOMBARDEMENT - S/T LP BDX Disbeaters, good old d-beat hardcore members of Gasmask Terror, Shock, Diktat, Monarch, Warning/warning,