Yes new cheaper postage rates to all of the UK. For the month of February we are trialing cheaper shipping rates to the UK this is due to me working in Northern Ireland one day a week for all of February as part of my normal 9-5 job. Yes I do not do records full time it’s just a hobby. This means once a week I will be able to post to the UK from within the UK so we can charge UK shipping rates making postage alot cheaper and also extend the free shipping deal while we are at it so if you are in the UK you can now get Free shipping on orders over 70 euro for the month of February.

After this little experiment I will see if we can continue to offer these rates after February, Northern Ireland is only 40mins up the road so we will see how this experiment goes.

I will be aiming in to post each Wednesday in Northern Ireland. I also have put UK prices in £ on Distrotable to make prices a bit easier for those in the UK. So check it out what we have to offer at

Also any orders or pre-orders previously place will get refunded any difference in shipping.

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