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    Distro-y Distro is 10 Years Old

    Distro-y Distro is 10 Years Old

    Ok so it just dawned on me the other morning that some how the distro has 10 years old this year. I think it was around this time of year I started the distro so until 2nd February we are going to do 20% off all music currently in distro.

    Was going to do a symbolic 10% but that is no way to celebrate, so here is 20% off. 
    Enter discount code 10YEARS or simply click the link below. 

    Thanks for all the support through the years, would not have been able to get this far with out you!! 
    Cheers Alex

    P.S. Label turns 10 years old next year!!!

    BAILER announce self-titled EP, release video for 'Long Gone' & confirm tour dates

    BAILER announce self-titled EP, release video for 'Long Gone' & confirm tour dates

    Metal/hardcore quartet BAILER return with their new self-titled EP, due for release on 9th February 2018 via Distro-y Records. Following on from 2017’s PTSD and 2016’s Shaped By The Landscape, BAILER is an ambitious collection of tracks that showcase a band who have truly discovered their sound.

    In light of the announcement BAILER have released the video for their single 'Long Gone', which features Adam Carroll (formerly of Zoax). First premiered on the band's Facebook page, check out the video below:

    Pre-order BAILER:

    Physical: https://distrotable.com/collections/bailer
    Digital: https://bailerofficial.bandcamp.com/

    Returning to work with Murdock’s Aidan Cunningham, BAILER is relentless from the get-go as the merciless ‘Lying For A Living’ brings the listener up to speed in a riotous fashion, while the likes of ‘Tuesday Blues’ and ‘Death Is A Reminder’ take a filthier route, reminiscent of Cancer Bats. Since forming in 2015 BAILER have pricked the ears of many other musicians, with some familiar faces lending their vocals to this latest EP. Adam Carroll formerly of Zoax, Xander Coughlan of Emigra and Kevin ‘Lefty’ Letford of Red Enemy all feature, adding their own slice of character to the record.
    With a small discography the four-piece have impressively garnered attention from Metal Hammer, Kerrang! Radio presenter Alex Baker, Metal Injection and Heavy Blog Is Heavy, an achievement that is no mean feat for a band so early into their career. BAILER have spent their short time as a band building up a strong reputation in their home ground, having played shows alongside Norma Jean, Sick Of It All, Employed To Serve, HECK, Murdock, Shields, Red Enemy and more.

    D-Beat Beater Blog

    D-Beat Beater Blog

    So some of you may know I have ran a blog for a number of years called D-Beat Beater, which started out as a print zine that never got past issue #1. Anyway the blog was set up to deliver news on new releases/tours and general punk shit in the form of crust, d-beat, hardcore and various other bits and pieces. So I have moved D-Beat Beater into the webshop for a few reason with the main being it will be on the same platform as the webshop so can post more regularly on punk news.
    As DBeatBeater is now on the webshop why not a discount code till Monday for 15% off webshop. By using DBEATBEATER discount code at the checkout.
    I started the move over last week since posting news on  Mob 47, Agrimonia, Sect, Hellkrusher.... and from now on if you visit DBeatBeater.com it will bring you to the new version of the blog. I will repost some of the more popular content, but all other previous post will be inaccessible. 
    Anyone looking to submit news send it to: info(a)dbeatbeater.com


    POZOGA 7" Coming Out Early 2018

    POZOGA 7" Coming Out Early 2018

    I promised some of you a new release announcement of a new Irish hadcore band so ya next up on the pressing block is POZOGA international punk consortium via Dublin. 

    POZOGA which is Polish for ‘Conflagration’ and is what they try to do with their sound as they rip through with a driving distorted sound that will destroy everything in a big ball of flames. Their new demo which will be out in early 2018 which we will help co-release on Distro-y Records has been sent to pressing.

    Check out a couple of tracks below featuring a cover of Spanish from the eighties called RIP titled ‘No Hay Futuro’ and their own track ‘Gone to the dogs…’  

    Recorded and Mixed by Ciaran Parnell. 


    So spread the word while you wait for word of some new releases which will feature a French D-beat hardcore bands 7" and two re-issues of an Irish band 12" but more of that later for now POZOGA!!!! 

    Use POZOGA as a discount code to get 10% off at checkout.


    New in Kohti Tuhoa, 偏執症者 (Paranoid), Anti Cimex and Rapid

    Ok so we are going to start blogging about new stuff coming in and for you to check out also going to bring in an actual blog to the webshop called D-Beat Beater a punk news site I have ran on and off for years. So let get the ball rolling with something small here is a quick list of this week shipment from Svart Records with some brand new releases: