15% Off SALE To Make Shipping Cheaper

15% Off SALE To Make Shipping Cheaper

An Post which is the Irish post service for those of you from outside Ireland, are doing a special offer on pre-paid postage labels during the pandemic which finishes end of September. So I want to buy as many as possible securing cheaper postage for as long as possible so will be offering 15% off on all orders for the next little bit with the idea of generating enough money to buy a big lump of shipping labels securing cheaper postage for all of you for as long as possible. 

So at checkout enter discount code:  DISTROTABLE to get 15% off your entire order. 

Thanks for all your support this discount is going to help provide a future of cheaper postage over the next few months possibly year. 

Tip for regular orders:

For anyone who wants to buy records and not pay postage everytime add your records to a pile by selecting Pick Up at checkout reserving the records you want and once you have a pile of records you can just pay postage once and get everything shipped at once.

Anyone in Ireland as postage is 6.60 whether you buy one LP or twenty. So instead of buying one record and paying 6.60 postage every week you can buy one record a week and get everything shipped two or three weeks later saving you a lot on postage.


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