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    D-Beat Beater

    Mob 47 To Release 3xLP

    Mob 47 To Release 3xLP

    Mob 47 are to re-issue 'Back To Attack' as a 3xLP on D-Takt and Rapunk which I assume is to be a new version of the 2013 compilation 2xLP of the same title, which also featured an extra limited editon 7" which i presume may feature on the third disk or perhaps new tracks. I am just guessing but here is the track list for the 'Back To Attack' 12" I have already but will just as interested in the 3xLP as I was the 2xLP.


    A1 Kärnvapen Attack
    A2 Rustning Är Ett Brott
    A3 Res Dig Mot Överheten
    A4 Vi Rustar Dom Dör
    A5 Det Är Upp Till Oss
    A6 Dom Ljuger
    A7 Ingen Framtid
    A8 Animal Liberation
    A9 Polisstat
    A10 Vi Kan
    A11 Dagen Efter
    A12 Vi Vill Ha Frihet
    A13 Var Värld
    A14 Fred & Rättvisa
    A15 Sjuk Värld
    A16 Nedrusta Nu
    A17 Snuten Styr
    A18 Religion Är Hjärntvätt
    A19 Krigshot
    A20 Lögner
    A21 Det Händer Dig Med
    A22 Snobb
    B1 Jag Hatar Ert System
    B2 Vi Kan
    B3 Dom Styr Vara Liv / Rustning Är Ett Brott
    B4 In This System
    B5 Animal Liberation
    B6 Ingen Framtid
    B7 Nedustra Nu
    B8 Religion Är Hjärntvätt
    B9 Snuten Styr
    B10 Stop The Slaughter
    B11 Tänk Pa Barnen
    B12 Varför Haller Vi Käft
    B13 Dom Ljuger
    B14 Sjuk Värld
    B15 Arms Race (B.G.K)
    B16 Rascist Regime
    B17 Protest & Survive (Varukers)
    C1 Fred & Rättvisa
    C2 Mardröm
    C3 Dom Ljuger
    C4 Totalmangel
    C5 Krigshot
    C6 Snutjävlar
    C7 Snobb
    C8 Fuck Bowie
    C9 100 Döda Snutar
    C10 Maktgalna Jävlar
    C11 Profitbögar
    C12 Jag Hatar Ert System
    C13 Dom Styr Vara Liv
    C14 Why Must They Die
    C15 Vägra Rösta
    C16 Maktmissbruk
    C17 Innocent Victims
    C18 Tänk Pa Barnen
    D1 Jag Hatar Ert System
    D2 In This System
    D3 Maktmissbruk
    D4 Rascist Regime
    D5 Why Must They Die
    D6 Innocent Victims
    D7 Stop The Slaughter
    D8 Varför Haller Vi Käft
    D9 Tänk Pa Barnen
    D10 Nedrusta Nu
    D11 Respect The Different
    D12 En Värld Utan Liv
    D13 Dom Styr Vara Liv
    D14 Religion Är Hjärntvätt
    D15 Tänk Pa Barnen
    D16 Back To Attack
    D17 Nedrusta Nu

    SECT Shares Tracks Off Upcoming LP

    SECT Shares Tracks Off Upcoming LP

    (Photo credit is Chuck Johnson)

    The vegan straight edge collective unites for their second album, No Cure For Death (Southern Lord, 24th November). Fuelled by socio-political vitriol, for SECT the purpose of hardcore as they know it, is to convey an urgency that transcends age, credentials or scene politics, to convert desperation into real talk and action.

    Listen to the released tracks so far 'Stripes' and 'Open Graves' and watch their video "Day For Night' directed by Justin Reich
    No Cure For Death was recorded with Kurt Ballou at God City studios, mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music. 


    Tortür Demos To Be Released On LP

    Tortür Demos To Be Released On LP

    Tortür Demos are to be all bundled up on to one piece of wax coming out this December on Farewell Records. 

    Tortür hail from Los Angeles, CA play typical noisy D-beat crasher crust. Expect nothing less than hellish rawpunk and a raw D-beat attack. Heavily influenced by Disclose, Discharge, Impalers, Warvictims... The record contains both their 2 demos from 2016 and 2017 as well as their Flexi EP. 17 songs in total! Listen to it all below:
    Next to the black vinyl there will be an edition on white vinyl which is limited on 100 copies. Of that 20 copies come with embroidered patch!

    Go order from Punk Distro in Europe and Mailorder-customers from North-America please get in touch with the band: georgekaotik@gmail.com

    The Cover art was done by Robin Wiberg! You may know Robin Wiberg as the drummer for DISFEAR and more recently Svaveldioxid or from his Instagram account where he regularly posts his punk art. His drawings are stylistically very raw, which is fitting as he hails from Scandinavia, which is the birth place of “raw punk". 

    DIS nightmare continues! Noise, not music! 

    songs 1- 8: Demo 2016 
    songs 9-13: Demo 2017 
    songs 14-17: "No Surrender, No Survivors" Flexi EP

    AMERICAN NIGHTMARE To Release New Record?

    AMERICAN NIGHTMARE To Release New Record?

    Boston hardcore act AMERICAN NIGHTMARE (aka GIVE UP THE GHOST ) seems to be teaming up with Rise records for releasing a new recording. At least, it appears so after both parties posted a teaser video to their facebook pages with the caption "February". (See teaser below)

    The assumed new record would be followed by remixes of "Background Music" and "We're Down Til We're Underground," released in 2011 at Deathwish Inc.

    偏執症者 (PARANOID) 'Cover Of The Month' vinyl release

    偏執症者 (PARANOID) 'Cover Of The Month' vinyl release

    偏執症者 (PARANOID) have announced they will release a limited 'Cover Of The Month' vinyl release on Svart Records which should be out Oct/Nov Each of the Cover of the month track is listed/listenable below they all have a story behind each track which you can check out on each youtube page. "Cover of the month"

    Jan. [1] - Into the crypts of Rays (Celtic Frost)

    Feb. [2] - Punk is love (Pisschrist)

    March [3] - Don't really care (The Exploited)

    April [4] - 2 Skott (Strebers)

    May [5] - Bloodthirsty system (State Of Fear)

    June [6] - Krossad dröm (Acursed)

    July [7] - Day of reckoning ((Pentagram)

    Aug. [8] - Skallra för döden (Totalitär)

    Sep. [9] - Natsit ja kommunisti (Kaaos)

    Oct. [10] - Arise (Sepultura)

    Nov. [11] - Too old too cold (Darkthrone)

    Dec. [12] - Criminal trap (Anti-Cimex)