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On the back of the release of their split with Absolut, Svaveldioxid have announced a new record.   Svaveldioxid announced that they have a recorded a new 12"/LP on Facebook here is what they had to say:  "It may seem like we’re not doing much else than recording and releasing records, but actually we haven’t been in a studio since december 2016... So, by the end of April we’re heading to Studio D-takt, engineered by d-beat legend Janne ”Jutte” Jutila, to record 10-12 tracks for a new 12”/LP. It will be interesting to see how this recording will differ from previous ones as...

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I think Christmas has finally came, I have been waiting for this one for the entire year, actually scrap that I have been waiting since April 2016 at least since I posted about tracks from this split that were up online. But anyway Absolut / Svaveldioxid split LP is set to be released in December and here is the low down on the release. <a href="">Absolut / Svaveldioxid split LP by phobiarecords</a> There will be a Euro release coming out on Phobia Records and North American release coming out on Konton Crasher. Limited edition coloured releases and bonus white flexi 7"...

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