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    D-Beat Beater — Kürøishi

    Kürøishi To Release New LP In 2018

    Kürøishi To Release New LP In 2018

    Oh Hell Year 2017! This was pretty good in camp Kürøishi. We made our first album and one EP, did a bunch of cool shows in Finland and Sweden. Especially Dead Rhythm Fest in Stockholm was a really really mind-blowing experience and fun weekend.

    Kürøishi from Finland  have stated their plans for 2018 in a facebook post which we summarise below.

    Kürøishi will record their second album which has been baptized under a freezing moon with the name "SOUND THE ALARM" and this 12”LP will be out on FIGHT RECORDS (Finland/Europe), SPHC RECORDS (USA/Canada) and a CD version through BREAK THE RECORDS (Japan).

    Also a 4-way split cassette with three cool bands is in the works, keep your thumbs up and fingers crossed that the schedules work out on that opus. 

    Next year looks already exciting! Kürøishi have booked some awesome gigs for next year and the most coolest thing is JAPAN TOUR April 14th -21st 2018 with NO EXCUSE (Jap) and NoLA (Jap). More details later...: